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Open Positions

Narrative I/O is not currently hiring.

Although there are no open positions at the moment, if you are interested to explore opportunities with us do not hesitate to reach out as we plan to grow in 2024.

If you're interested in learning what a typical opening looks like, here is our most recent Senior Backend Engineer job posting.

Technical Stack

In a nutshell, our technical stack looks like:

  • Frontend: Typescript, VueJS, Nuxt, Vite, and Cloudflare Pages.
  • Backend: Scala, AWS, Spark, Apache Iceberg, Apache Calcite, Cats, Cats-Effect, Http4s, FS2, Doobie, and Deequ.
  • Operations: S3, EMR, Fargate, RDS, Datadog, Jenkins, Terraform, with some burgeoning use of EKS/Kubernetes.

Read more about our technical stack

The Team

We are a small, remote-first team looking for great developers who want to jump in and take major systems and user-facing features from design to launch.

Read more about the team, our culture, and a day in the life of a developer

Our Mission

Narrative is the world’s leading data collaboration platform that enables organizations to supercharge their data strategy with one powerful, cost-effective suite of tools that anyone can use.

Unlike other data solutions, Narrative's data collaboration platform is focused on fundamental principles of autonomy, privacy & compliance, data quality, liquidity, and transparency that make collaboration easier, safer, and more strategic.

Read more about our mission and check our website.

Dev Hiring Process

Read more about the dev hiring process

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